Monday, May 3, 2010

What Company Gave Me My First Opporunity

During the course of deciding whether or not I wanted to become a freelance writer I came across a website called From what I read on the forums at this company hired those with minimal experience, so I figured I would sign up. When you apply you are submit a writing sample, which be graded from a 2-5 with two being the lowest and a 5 the highest.

The purpose of the grading system allows the editors to provide you with articles in which best your writing skills. The site is setup so you can only claim the articles in your tier level or lower. You do have the option of moving up the grading scale, and it is based how the editors feel you are doing with your assignments. The assignments themselves range in word length, pay, and the research that is needed for completion. The company pays twice per month via paypal for work that is completed, and then accepted.

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